Review Policy

“If you can write it, we can read it, if we can read it, we can review it, if we can review it, we would sound the alarm about it and the mind behind it” – Amby C. Ezem

We are happy to read your work in whatever form it comes in, whether online edition or in paper copy.

Where do we leave our reviews?
Barnes & Nobles
On our website
Any site of your suggestion.

Going the extra mile :
1. We are able to do video reviews on our youtube channel and share it as far as we can
2. Creative direction e.g photo series – we can pitch a concept to you and help put it together if you would like us to.
3. We can feature pieces of your work on our instagram site.

What kind of books do we accept: All books except Erotic, Horror, mystic, e.t.c
What do we especially love : Poetry, prose, narratives, drama, chemistry books, health related books and children books

We receive book review requests all year round but may need to make adjustments depending on the amount of requests received.

Our book reviewers are experienced and brutal to the core. If we love it, we love it. If we hate it, we hate it and if it’s in between, then it’s in between but we are sure we’d love your work. The sooner we receive your books, the quicker we read it and the sooner we leave reviews. If you would like more than one of us to review your book, please say so and reviews would be left by each book reviewer.

The time frame it takes us to finish a book varies depending on the length of your work.
We also accept raw manuscript not yet published with promise of confidentiality and a signed contract between us and the author.

Template to follow when Submitting Your Book

  • Book Title
  • Author
  • Length
  • Genre
  • Available Format for Review ( paper or online copy?)
  • published or unpublished?
  • Synopsis

Please kindly use the above template to make it easy for us to work with you.

We offer both free and paid reviews depending on what you need so please drop an email for further information.
PlEASE USE SUBJECT TITLE: Book review request in the email you send

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