“Wherever you go , carry your tongue with you and deliver your message in whatever way you dim fit. In whatever language your heart feels. In whatever tongue your soul’s fire burns and whatever accent your heart is at peace with. The art is in the word and presentation and whatever ear accepts the message into their soul, so be it. It is your message. It is your art woven on your tongue so display it the way it was given. Do not apologize for the message that your tongue spits and in whatever way it is passed across” – Amby C. Ezem

Amby has performed around Uk and Nigeria. Here are few photos available. More photos would be added from the archives as time goes on and we finally fish them out.

Spoken word poetry and drama, England 2014
poetry reading, England 2015
poetry reading,England 2015
Spoken word poetry, Wales 2016
Spword poetry, Wales 2016
Spword poetry, Wales 2016
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