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authorAmby C. Ezem is a pharmacist and author from Nigeria. She moved to the Uk during her mid teen where she attained her foundation, Undergraduate and masters’ degree at the University of Reading, England,United Kingdom. She received an academic scholarship (part scholarship) at the University of Reading, became a volunteer tutor for Hillside primary  school, Uk and was also appointed to be one of the student ambassadors for the University of Reading. She later became a student mentor for A.level students in partnership with the University of Reading. She was one of the executives for the Reading University Nigerian students society and a course rep for her course year for the school of pharmacy.

Amby C. Ezem is also spoken word artist who has performed her works across the Uk, and in Nigeria. Her work has been published in various magazines. She released her debut book of poetry and prose Soul’s exhale (breathing and bleeding) in July 2017. She has been writing for about 15 years.

She is 6ft 1 hence the focus on tall fashion and promoting body image for tall women around the globe. Also with her keen interest and involvement with arts, that is, music, poetry, literature, illustrations and performing arts, she decided to merge this together with healthy living and lifestyle as she is also a pharmacist. She is an introvert and extrovert but we are sure you’d love her if you get the opportunity to meet her.

The first Idea was  written down in 2009 and the name, Tallspired with more ideas, were penned down in 2013 but it gradually came to reality in 2016 with expansion in view. The vision doesn’t just revolve around her.  She believes there are people who need recognition in these various aspects. Those with great work but little audience.
The focus for Tallspired- The need to look good, feel good, grow good and live good.

You can order her book here:
Book 1: Soul’s Exhale (breathing & bleeding)
Soul’s Exhale (breathing & bleeding)
Barnes & Nobles 

Book 2: aha m bu (my name is) Chizaram
aha m bu (my name is) Chizaram.
Book trailer: Book trailer
You can listen to her spoken word album here : Fusion : Spoken words poetry


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