What is i.SUPPORT?
i.Support is a scheme I run in other to support a small charity doing big things for their community.
These are the projects i.Support through book sales, fundraising events, call for donations, and other means.

–  Medical outreach
– Scholarship scheme 
– Talent fest
– Orphanage visits

Please I would like you to be a part of it.
Name of charity: Lively hope world outreach

The  July event is in partnership with Lively hope world outreach scholarship scheme, which is my charity of choice. It is a small charity, which has been majorly privately funded and they are doing a great Job for the community back in Africa. It has succeeded in sponsoring forty students through the university, it has held medical outreaches, orphanage visits etc. 

I have decided to partner with this charity due to their commitment and dedication through the years. 

If they can be faithful with what is in their pocket, then surely they would be faithful with the public’s donations added to what’s already in their pockets so please join me as i.Support Lively hope world outreach either by buying as many books as possible or by direct donations Lively hope world outreach Eco bank acct no: 2842002982 or Donating through the July event even if you would not be in attendance


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