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Soul’s Exhale(Breathing & Bleeding) is the debut book of poetry and proses by Amby C.Ezem is a rare art which drives through womanhood, race,culture, family, love, and religion.The soul of the author is exhaled in every page of this book.This book would take you through different journeys experienced by the author, experienced by those she loves and also thought by the author yet very real . In conclusion, this book should be in your homes, libraries and by your side. It’s for men and women, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, grand mothers and grand fathers. For everyone with a soul.


cove aha copy smallaha m bu(my name is) Chizaram Aha m bu (my name is) Chizaram is a book of illustrated poems, prose and short narratives that explores and discuses heritage, diaspora, migration culture, religion, identity, love, men and women, colonialism etc. It is very educative, insightful and interesting to read. Amby’s Aha m bu (my name is) Chizaram moves you in ways you might not expect. It discuses a few parts of Africa and its culture and traditions, Africans in Africa and Africans in diaspora. This work by Amby C. Ezem is a work of art. If you have read her first book, you’d love this one as she steps up her creativity in this book and compared to the first book, she completely goes through a different route.


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