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Pyrokardia’s A beautiful Mess Quick Review.

31697135Pyrokardia writes his heart out in this book. You can almost taste the emotion. This book is phenomenal and was an easy read. Although it was small in size but if you want something quick to go through, then this is for you.
It contains the heartache and the healing that comes with relationships at times.

His format of writing is consistent with that of contemporary poets and would resonate with those who love easy to chew on, and easy to comprehend poetry. Deep but not too deep. It’s a book that consists of varying lengths of poems each portraying a different message, or similar messages in different ways.

A few favorite pieces:

“I hate lies
Sincerely I do
But when you tell me
That you love me
I still smile”
Pyrokardia, A Beautiful Mess

“I wonder what you want from me
Served you my heart on a silver platter

And I watched you devour it
Eating daintily with your forks and your knives

Watched you stab me down
Watched you cut me off

And during every single second of it
I gazed at you with loved

As you ate your fill of me
And tossed the rest in the trash”
Pyrokardia, A Beautiful Mess

Don’t love me as
if you are doing me a favor

Pyrokardia, A Beautiful Mess

You can order his book on Amazon or Barnes and nobles!!
We are sure you’d love it.

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