We did not find home

As though we walked the streets aimlessly
Without a purpose or will to arrive at a destination
We exiled through the cold and laid under the scorching heat at times
As soon as we found what looked like haven, wild animals disturbed us
They saw us as intruders and people with willingness
to displace them from their habitat
But this wasn’t a lie because any little sky of comfort or branches of hope
We were happy to make our dwelling there
Oh no, we knew it wise not to fight animals whose claws have no restraint
Neither do their teeth have sympathy so on we went from one place to another
From fields of Europe to rivers of America and back to field
It seemed we had covered the circumference
But never thought of starting from the beginning
From the place we departed from
Maybe just maybe we would be accepted back
No, not necessarily by the people but by the land
Hopefully good fortune would come our way
Since we have sojourned away all this while
Maybe it’d take us as foreigners
And release the blessings of foreigners upon us
So we returned. We re-settled again
But still we did not find home
In all our toil, we still did not find home even back at home


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