Dear Teenage Tall girl p1

Soon we become this woman, mothers pray to have as daughters. Soon we become this woman Mothers pray would inspire their daughters. But my prayer is this, that if you must pray such , i pray she has only those parts honorable and not my bucket of flaws.

One summer afternoon, this woman walked into the pharmacy and said, “you are tall and you walk so beautifully tall”. I wish I could introduce you to my daughter. She is really tall but she slouches when walking and curls her toes in to conceal her height. I smile saying “no , no she shouldn’t ” and before she finishes her sentence, I tell her that I’d love to meet her daughter. I know the stage her daughter is in and for some, it lingers and for others; it doesn’t. I put on my inspiration cap and tell her to tell her daughter how beautiful our height is and the need to embrace it especially in how we walk.
If care is not taken, her insecurities would form a crooked spine with the way she carries herself and it isn’t worth it. As she ages, it soon leaves the evidence of not accepting her height gracefully and graciously.
This woman kept looking at me and going on in admiration and then prayed blessings on me. She said how she kept looking at me as I walked passed her in the hall and when I stood up to get something off the shelve. I hear of her daughter and i think of me as a tall teenage girl so my heart dances because i am able to encourage her as a girl once like her.
I am grateful to God for this height.. my outstretched arms and legs for days and then everything poured into this tall mocha container.
They’d call you names and think it’s a compliment or make silly comments but you must learn the art of not replying ignorance and, looking into the space above their head till they realise they are talking to your neck.
Dear teenage tall girl, we win with a height like ours!!!.



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