I think i’ve met you before

He said, “I think I’ve met you before”.

I attended an open mic night. I sat through and watched till the end. I came in quite late because I had a performance that same evening but that’s not the juicy bit.

After the events, people chat with each other, network and what not. I’m sat in my seat because, well, I’m not really keen in unfamiliar spaces. I sat waiting for a friend, who had said he’d drop me off.

While I sat, a young gentle man approached me with the, “I think I’ve met you before”. Do you work at a bank? as a customer service attendant ? e.t.c all my answers were, “no” but this man with a great smile (yes, i noticed) kept picking at leaves with guesses. Then to pull him out from his question fails, I say, OR maybe, I visited that bank and you saw me but that wasn’t the case when he mentioned the name of the bank. We then veered off into a chat filled with laughs and smiles. Then he ends by, asking for m number saying, though he thought i was someone else, he’s glad we had a chat and he met me.

well, he genuinely may have thought i was someone eles or the brother needed a safe net to get to me, either way, it was lovely meeting him and having the meet up over food and drinks two days later after work. 



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