I wish she knew how loved she was….

This sentence strikes so much on reading it this morning. It may represent a woman who did not feel loved so walked away from a lover but is still breathing but this is worse, this is for a woman who took her life even in the midst of so much “love” (evident now she is no more). Maybe if this outpour happened before her passing she may have lingered or her thoughts flushed out forever. But do we assume she didn’t know she was loved? probably she did. Maybe the love she needed was much more that anyone could have given her to stay a little longer or strong enough to fight mind battles. Surely her daughter’s love would have been as deep as an ocean, which would keep her floating instead of drowning in the dark ocean of hurt and pain. It must have not been the love she felt was lacking in the world around her but maybe something more, maybe a peace that passes all understanding. 





This we must remember when we try to compare:
Celebrity and human

Celebrity and sad
Celebrity and depressed
Celebrity and suicidal

Take off the cloak of the celebrity and see the hurt that lies within maybe that way we would not assume a person is happy due to their riches and wealth. With how fleeting life is, something as temporary as wealth and riches cannot bring peace. We see this over and over again yet seat our hearts in denial as our heart stretch out in assumption that maybe with wealth like hers we’d be happy.

This is for Kate Spade



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